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Many people are aware of Colin Kaepernick taking a knee during the National Anthem this football season. But he’s actually a valubable person for more than kneeling and playing football. He is apparently responsible for recently putting together an awesome event for his community called “The I Know My Rights Camp”.  Here’s so feedback from one camp attendee:

First and foremost, I saw Colin Kaepernick operating in his higher purpose in life. I sincerely think the brother has found his calling. Football is his profession. It’s what he does to make a living. It’s a skill he has developed, but I sincerely believe that his calling in life is and will continue to be as a brave leader for our children and youth. In him, I saw a free man. His eyes were free. His spirit was free. His energy was free. I know freedom when I see it and it was encouraging to my own soul to see another brother walking in it. He his doing what he has been called to do.


Secondly, the camp itself was a major success. It gathered hundreds of kids from throughout Oakland, and San Francisco, and Richmond California to not only teach them what their rights are with police and the criminal justice system, but to teach them essential lessons about history, about their health, about their finances, and about their education. The kids who showed up all showed up to see and hear Colin Kaepernick and he knew that. The brother literally took photos with every single person in the building. But it was not a Colin Kaepernick festival. He brought in experts to teach the kids essential life lessons and skills to help them succeed and thrive and they were willing, in huge part, to listen because Colin Kaepernick asked them to.


Click the link below to view some audio/video and to read more about the couragous political stance that Colin Kaepernick has taken!

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