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As I was talking to some young ladies the other day, our conversation revolved around the type of engagement ring they desired and expected when that magical day came. The conversation was detailed down to the brand, cut, size, and even what would not be acceptable. As the conversation went on, I started to think about if these women knew what they wanted and needed from a man when choosing a mate. The puzzling part is, why don’t we as women focus more of our conversations on the type of man we need?


There are several websites that provide you with detailed directions to help you better choose a diamond that is right for you. I wonder if there is a website to help you with finding the best mate? I do realize that the amount of time or detail I put into my ring means nothing compared to picking the right man who I hope to spend the rest of my life with.

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When choosing a diamond there are criteria called the 5 C’s: Certification (cost), Carat, Clarity, Color, and Cut. I want us as women to use the 5 C’s when choosing a mate and a life partner. I hope that women walk away from this asking, “Can he make the cut?”

Let’s go shopping ladies!

1. Certification (cost)

Ladies, how do you certify if he is “the one?” How do you grade him? What criteria do you use for measurement? Just as crucial as it is to review the diamond certificate, it is much more important to review the man you are choosing to lead your family. I’m not talking about height, weight, color and build. I want you to grade him on the things important to you. This means you need to know your values and deal breakers. Review your own “certificate” and grade yourself before you hand him the certificate to be a part of your life.

 2. Carat

I think the first question most women ask is, “How big is it?” “How many carats?” The bigger the better, right? Not necessarily, ladies. I recognize that size does matter to us (No pun intended). But,  in choosing a mate we should instead ask: “how can I measure the weight of his worth in my life?” Would his support and guidance equal 25 points which would be .25 carat in our life? Would his ability to feed you spiritually weigh 50 points, which would equal a .5 carat in your spiritual walk? If you started adding up how much you do these things in your own life, would it even equal .25 carat? As women, we should be able to know our own worth before we can measure the weight of a man’s worth in our lives.


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