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I’ve been thinking about things people do using the name of Christ lately… like the so-called pastor who said he wouldn’t pay the over-worked, under-paid food server a larger tip because he pays his tithes. Or, the church that shows up and protests at soldiers funerals. How does this glorify Christ? Way to give Christianity a bad name! I could go on, but I don’t have to… here’s a great article from Pastor Neal Samudre in Relevant Magazine that puts my thoughts in perspective:

Why Do Christians Say Dumb Things?

Reclaiming the lost art of speaking the truth in love.

church protestors

There are times when I’m ashamed to be called a Christian. Some would interpret that statement by making assumptions about my “lack of faith,” but it’s not that. I’m ashamed to be called a Christian when others proclaiming to be Christians act in ways that counter the work of Christ on the cross.

Like when a pastor makes a point of tithing—at the expense of someone to whom he could have shown love and generosity. Or when a leader makes a judgment on the president he has no place making. Or the countless other incidents when Christians open their mouths … and we’d rather they didn’t.

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Often they are speaking from their moral anchor, which motivates them to step up onto their soapbox. But just because it’s “right”—and often it’s not—doesn’t mean it needs to be said out loud. And when a moral judgment call is made without grace, it’s not truth—it’s slander.

Slander, as defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, means “to defame another through the use of false statements.” It is a poisonous and divisive weapon that Christ never authorized us to use, no matter the circumstance.

Yet many Christians use speculation and slander under the guise of truth-telling—which is, of course, not only justified but encouraged in the Bible.

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