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Governor Jim Blanchard Endorses Gretchen Whitmer for Governor 


Former Governor says Whitmer’s leadership will protect and create good jobs and good wages 

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LANSING — Today, in a letter to thousands of activists and community leaders across the state, Governor Jim Blanchard, who served as Michigan’s Chief Executive during an era marked by gains in job creation, strength in education, and environmental stewardship, endorsed Gretchen Whitmer for Governor.

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Blanchard, who served as Governor from 1983-1991 and presided over the creation of 751,000 new jobs in Michigan and the resurgence of the auto industry, said Whitmer’s ability to bring people together to get things done shows that she has the proven leadership to create good jobs, rebuild our infrastructure, strengthen our public education system, and hold government accountable to the people.
“If we are ever to rebuild the Michigan we so believe in, we must start now, and we must start with Gretchen Whitmer,” said Blanchard“She is prepared to fight, prepared to win, and prepared to govern, and she will provide new leadership to protect and create good jobs and wages, rebuild our infrastructure, strengthen our education system, and hold government accountable.”

Blanchard also touted Whitmer’s decision to step up and serve as Ingham County Prosecutor when the county’s circuit judges turned to her to restore faith in the office.

“The governors of our 50 states are now called upon to protect, defend and promote our system that “We the People” established two and a half centuries ago. Gretchen will stand strong, she is steady, she is a fighter for us.” 

“Governor Blanchard led Michigan when Michigan led the country, and that is why I am so honored to have his support,” said Gretchen Whitmer. “Under his leadership, we in Michigan grew our economy, built our nation’s first tuition guarantee program, and established an office to protect the Great Lakes. His support is not just an endorsement of our campaign, it is an endorsement of our values and vision for this state. Together, we’re going to mobilize Michigan to take on our toughest challenges, get government listening to the people again, and fight for the education and good jobs that the people of Michigan deserve.” 

Prior to serving as Governor, Blanchard served in the US House of Representatives from 1975-1983, during which time he helped save Chrysler from bankruptcy, and following his tenure as Governor, served as the United States Ambassador to Canada.


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