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You’re low on magnesium

If you skimp on leafy greens, beans and nuts you may be low in magnesium, a mineral important for a good night’s sleep. “Magnesium is a crucial mineral our bodies need for the function of GABA receptors, which exist throughout all areas of the brain and nervous system,” says Carolyn Dean, M.D., N.D., author of 30 books including The Miracle of Magnesium. “This calming neurotransmitter enables the brain to ‘switch off.’ Without it, we remain stressed and tense, our thoughts race and we don’t get a restful night’s sleep.” The recommended daily allowance (RDA) for magnesium for women 19 to 30 years old is 310 milligrams — that’s just 2 cups of leafy greens or (even better) 3 squares of dark chocolate.

You eat too much fat

Eating at the drive-thru on a regular basis does more than wreck your waistline; it can also cause sleepiness, according to a study published in the journal SLEEP. The study links a higher fat consumption with increased daytime sleepiness, regardless of the total amount of sleep you get at night. Participants included both men and women who ranged in age from 18 to 65. Stick with a healthy, low-fat diet if you want to fit into your skinny jeans and stay awake.

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You’re out of sync with your internal clock

Traveling across several time zones and working the late shift have one thing in common: They disrupt the body’s natural clock. This can cause you to feel tired even if you get enough sleep, says Allen Towfigh, M.D., board certified sleep medicine doctor and neurologist affiliated with Weill Cornell Medical Center/New York Presbyterian Hospital in New York City. “Your body releases hormones and chemicals, such as melatonin, at precise times which are set to your geographical location.” The resulting fatigue continues until your internal clock resets to your new time zone or you start going to bed at a normal bedtime.


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