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Source: Relevant Magazine – A.J. Swoboda

Are you talking at God … or with Him?

Have you noticed these really long commercials for medicines and drugs that keep finding their way to our televisions? You’ve seen them: hurting and ailing people surrounded by dark clouds and lightning who, after a dose of Fixitall, are perfect happy people running on the beach with their dog on a beautiful sunny day.

(Warnings: Fixitall is not recommended for those with genital herpes, diabetes, heart conditions or a clear conscience. Please consult with your doctor before using.)

Glued to the TV, we are left believing all of this is possible if we ask our doctor about this or that. If only you had this or that pill, you’d be this happy. It wouldn’t work if the pictures of the people in the commercial were all depressed, alone or crying, would it? You can’t sell over-the-counter drugs with pictures of people not fixed by them.

Unless you’re Christianity. Christianity markets a method of talking to God that doesn’t solve all their problems. This form of talking and listening (we call it prayer) often creates more problems than it solves.

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But it works. To build muscles, people lift weights. To grow trust, Christians pray. Nothing else builds trust quite like facing all of your ongoing problems and unsolved struggles by getting down on your knees and not trying to fix them the way you would your gutters or broken refrigerators. In this way, prayer is trust in the form of silence and contemplation and honesty.

What kind of questions are you asking?

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