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What is it about sitting in a vehicle that drives people to behave in ways they’d never act outside of one?

And why are some people so easily enraged they will go so far as to put their lives in danger to prove how livid they are?


Road Rage

A friend recently experienced extreme road rage, twice. In the first incident, she was driving her pickup on a busy four-lane street, on her way to pick up her preschooler. Needing to change lanes, she flipped on her turn signal, checked her mirrors and glanced over her shoulder. Then she transitioned into the left-hand lane. Suddenly, a man on a motorcycle appeared next to her, driving in the right of way, screaming at her closed driver-side window.

Realizing she must have somehow cut him off, she raised her hand and mouthed, “Sorry.” Then she saw the man’s red face, inches from her and spitting obscenities at full volume. My friend locked her eyes on the road ahead and did not react, although her heart was racing and her stomach in a knot.

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When the motorcyclist didn’t get the rise he was looking for, he began pounding with his gloved fist on the window. At 40 miles an hour, the man tracked with her vehicle, pounding and screaming. For what was probably minutes – but she says felt like hours – the man harassed her. Fearful he might actually break through her window, my friend’s mind spun out on the question, what would she do when there was no barrier to shield her from this out-of-control stranger?

She finally was able to change lanes and could see the motorcycle’s license. She grabbed her mobile phone and punched in 9-1-1. But because no windows were broken and the man eventually pulled off into a driveway, there was no follow-up by law enforcement. Shaken and bewildered, my friend continued on her way, grateful her young daughter had been spared this experience.


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