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Source: Relevant Magazine “Shoot” Christians Say – Addie Zierman

From “It’s not religion, it’s a relationship” to “True Love Waits,” a breakdown of the curious dialogue of the Church.

The whole thing went viral in the early months of 2012, and for a couple of weeks, the internet was flooded with clichéd “$#!% [People] Say.”

People were clicking the links, watching videos uploaded by fame-seeking hopefuls, listening to $#!% New Yorkers say and girls say and rich people say and hipsters say. We recognized ourselves and each other. We saw the absurdity of it, and it was really funny—until it wasn’t, and we’d all had enough of the whole thing.

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There’s a ballpark 5,570,000 of these types of videos strewn across YouTube now, scattered debris from the whirlwind craze. What that says to me is this: everyone has verbal tics, tired metaphors, words that have grown worn and trivial from use. And, of course, Christians are no different. A Christian language parody video would (of course) feature Kirk Cameron in a cameo, and the script would read something like this:

“It’s not religion; it’s a relationship”: A phrase commonly used when explaining the evangelical faith to outsiders. It’s meant to show how relevant it all is. How not lame Christians are. How the whole thing is really no different than just being in love.

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